Yoga on Wheels

Bring Drishti to your House! Now available group/private classes to your home with your favorite Drishti teachers.

How it Works
Drishti will now send it’s teachers to your home, condo or place of business! We offer all levels and styles completely tailored to your specific needs. From gentle and restorative to flow classes we have programs to suit all levels and needs. You pay one amount and share it amongst participants! For example a $600 peso class with 10 people is only $60 pesos each!

Pricing and Packages
Hatha or Flow Yoga (any level) $600 pesos from 1 – 10 students max
Restorative Yoga (all props provided by Drishti) $800 pesos 1 – 8 students max
Gentle Yoga with light Stretching $800 pesos 1 – 8 students max

Allan W. Lloyd 152C San Antonio Tlayacapan, Chapala Jalisco, Mexico 45922