Sue Kerr

Sue Kerr

Chair Yoga Teacher

I started practicing yoga regularly when I turned 50, and it was life-changing. After a year of almost daily practice I felt like I had a whole new body—I was stronger and more flexible, with much better posture and physical coordination and endurance. I also began to experience a calmer mind, a gentler attitude, and a general contentedness that I’d never had before. Yoga improves my life in so many ways, I am motivated to share it.

I believe yoga is for everyone, regardless of age or ability, and I make sure my classes are enjoyable and challenging for all students. I use props—chairs, walls and blocks—to help you experience the full benefits of yoga postures and sequences in a safe and supported way. In every class I cover joint mobility, flexibility, balance, strengthening, all supported with mindful breathing.

My classes are gentle, but they’re not wimpy! I encourage every student to find their own “edge” where they can challenge themselves physically and mentally. If you think you’re not flexible/strong/mobile enough to do yoga, my classes are for you.

I became a certified yoga instructor in 2012, after completing a 200-hour yoga teacher training with MYOGA’s one-year apprenticeship program in Wellington, New Zealand. I have also completed a 35-hour Kundalini Yoga training at Semperviva in Vancouver.