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What is Online Yoga

By definition yoga means "union". Generally yoga brings together breath control, simple meditation, and the practice of specific body postures also known as asana. Yoga can be practiced alone, in a group, with a teacher or anywhere where you have enough space to lay down a yoga mat. With online yoga the only real difference is the teacher leading the class does so via the internet. This can be either in a live situation or prerecorded.

Why Join Drishti's Online Yoga?

With many yoga studios being closed around the world due to COVID19 many people are turning to online yoga to keep their practice alive. We all know the mental and physical health benefits of yoga but many people find it difficult to practice on their own. Staying motivated, coming up with the right sequence, and maintaining the correct posture is very difficult without the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher. This makes online yoga the ideal solution! Drishti is lead by Ana Paula Hernandez. Trained in Vancouver Canada, she has over 20 years of experience as a yoga teacher. Her team of online instructors are all certified teachers and ready to help you navigate your yoga practice online!

For only $500 Mexican pesos per month, you will have access to all our online classes and teachers! With new classes added constantly you will always have fresh content to continue your practice. There are no monthly contracts and you can cancel at any time.

Here is an example of a typical online yoga class. This is an intermediate level Hatha class.

What types of online yoga does Drishti Center offer?

Drishti offers a wide range of online yoga classes to fit a variety of ages and abilities. We have everything from therapeutic and beginner yoga all the way to more advanced vinyasa and Hatha yoga. We also offer a variety of pilates classes as well. New classes are added every week so you are guaranteed to have fresh content every week!

How much does online yoga cost?

Our online yoga has one simple premium plan that gets you access to ALL of our online classes! For only $500 Mexican pesos per month (approximately $24 USD at the time of this writing), you get the full-access premium pass! No yearly commitments, no contracts, just simple month to month billing cancelable at any time!