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Latest Online Classes:

1hr Yin Yoga Gentle (Bilingual)

1hr Yin Yoga Gentle (Bilingual)

Live Class!!! Yin Yoga Gentle bilingual with Ana Get ready to work deep and slow with this incredible Yoga System!! Get to know more of Yin! and how to make it Soft in your body.
45min Therapeutic Yoga – Hips and Lower Back (English)

45min Therapeutic Yoga – Hips and Lower Back (English)

This class offers an active therapeutic Hatha Yoga class to help with Hip flexibility and also relieve pain for lower back! A great class from Lori!

Online Yoga

We have yoga classes for all levels and ages! 

Yoga Events

We have many special events planned throughout the year!

Teacher Training

Advance your practice with certified teacher training courses!

Why Practice Yoga?

Joint Health

Yoga can reduce swelling in joints and increase joint mobility and strength.

Improved Balance

Yoga can improve balance and stability as well as reduce chances of having a fall.

Improved Cardio

Improve overall cardiovascular health including lower blood pressure and cholesterol!

Other Benefits

Yoga can also aid digestion, improve mood and well-being, and help recovery from surgery!

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